William Henry Amor immigrated to the United States with his parents from Bromham, England in 1907. He grew up in Chicago and found his way to Manistee in the 1930's, working as an artist in the screen printing department of Joslin Manufacturing Company. He launched Amor Studios in 1946 at 52 Division Street as a photographer and signman.

His son Thomas E. Amor joined him in the 1960's and after "flipping a coin" they decided to focus on the sign portion of the business. They grew the business from hand-painted signs to electrical signs and added billboards to the product line, incorporating in 1968.

After William's death in 1970, Tom became president and remains at the helm today. Under his leadership, the billboard side of the business grew to over 125 billboards and the on-premise side produced many innovative products like storefronts, mansard roof  systems, backlit awnings, and the world's first LED gas price sign, collaborating with AMT and FIC from Taiwan.

Today, Tom's son Thomas H. Amor (JR) and a core team of very talented and creative designers, craftsmen, and installers are at the forefront of the industry, manufacturing fresh new images for clients of all sizes utilizing the latest design trends, lighting technologies, and durable materials. The tradition of creating outstanding "curb appeal" continues.