Wayfinding & Informative

Wayfinding signage directs people to and through a campus whether it is a hospital, school, park, or municipality. Informative signage provides useful information that is geographical, educational, historical, and more.

Hospitals and schools greet motorists at their campus entrances with BOUNDARY SIGNS, direct them to buildings with MOTORIST DIRECTIONALS, and identify those destinations with BUILDING MARKERS. Similarly, parks and municpalities focus on motorists first, then transition to a pedestrian focuss. Once on campus, PEDESTRIAN DIRECTIONALS, ROOM IDENTIFIERS, and INFORMATIVE SIGNAGE continue the communication with the intended audience. 

Amor Sign can produce wayfinding signage at all price points. The process begins with audience identification, image creation and branding. Strong graphics and creative selection of materials help Amor Sign design and produce wayfinding solutions to meet any budget. Digital prints, fiberglass-embedded panels, ADA Braille, aluminum, fabric, wood, and plastic are just a few of the material and graphic substrate possibilities.