Storefronts & Facades

All buildings need ongoing maintenance but some buildings need an entire facelift! A once trendy architectural masterpiece can become an outdated, dusty eyesore after just a few decades. However, not all commercial locations can justify a major investment in brick and mortar.

The creative team at Amor Sign uses a visual approach when designing projects and gives consideration to the whole storefront. Modular space-frame walls are constructed at the Amor plant and transported in sections to provide minimal disruption time on site. Complete facades, parapet walls, and architectural ornaments can change the whole personality of a building at a fraction of the cost of traditional remodeling. Engineering design is also employed to insure that structural integrity, flashing, and venting, etc. is maintained.

Corbels. Crown moldings. Fluted pilasters. Synthetic stucco. With a little creativity, all the tools of a master carpenter can be combined with signs, awnings, and decorative lighting to restore outstanding "curb appeal" to any location. (Check out the 'before & after' button in the 'featured projects' menu for more examples.)