Awnings & Canopies

Awnings provide form and function. They provide style and personality as well as shade and shelter. With the right graphics and lighting, awnings can become the primary focal point of a storefront. In addition to architectural interest they can provide image, branding, and marketing appeal.

Amor Sign designs and manufactures commercial and residential awnings in all shapes: mansard, eurostyle, clam, dome, canopy, open end, etc. They have produced everything from small residential window awnings to huge fabric structures as large as 50' x 75' gas island canopies. They use traditional canvas fabrics in stripes and solids for non-lit applications, and vinyl fabrics with 8-year warranties for backlit applications. Manufacturing capabilities include sewing, hermetic sealing, and roller sealing. Graphic techniques include pressure sensitive vinyl, sewn-in, sewn-on, sealed-in, sealed-on.