Restaurant & Pub

Restaurant owners invent and shape the atmosphere of their establishment as carefully as they prepare their menus and meals, and signs and awnings are vitally important to that atmosphere.

Whether their patrons are "foodies", craft brew conniseurs, or just seeking fast food, fun, and family dining, they are likely traveling at 25mph, 40mph, or 60mph. Sometimes by night. Sometimes by day. The design team at Amor Sign knows how to convey the right image to the traveling public in mere seconds. A few seconds are all you have to make a good first impression!

For over 70 years, Amor Sign has helped restaurants and pubs advertise where it counts: right in front of their business! They keep up with trends in design, color, and style. They are leaders in the use of new materials and finishes, graphic films and durable UV rated inks. They use best practices in green technology and energy-efficient lighting. The image building product line is endless: traditional menu boards to dynamic-digital menu systems; freestanding pylon signs to low-profile, 3-dimensional monument signs; LED message centers to halo-lit channel letters; neon to programmable LED outline lighting , vinyl window graphics digital prints; directional and wayfinding signage to wall signs and awnings.